Are You Democratic or Republican?

You are a republican or a democratic side of person? This quiz has some interesting and politics-related questions for you to answer, take up and get your results.

Democratic vs Republican:

This has been going on for a long long time. Which side do you prefer and like the working of? Those are the questions that are arising now!

Are You Democratic or Republican?:

This amazing quiz is full of some informative questions, which you have to answer to get the results. Do not do it in haste, answer correctly to get the best results.


You are almost certainly a Democrat. You are a voter who is likely to lean left and stay there, you like keeping up with current events. You're more than likely to hang out with other Democrats and might even reside in a liberal neighborhood. 


When voting, you are more likely to make a liberal voter. You are interested in many, but not all, of the Democratic Party's aims and policies, and you have a wide political history when it comes to voting. While you are passionate about voting for the correct candidate, you don't feel obligated to vote for the same party all of the time.