Which 'Wizard Of Oz' Character Are You?

A fan of The Wizard Of Oz? Here is an amazing quiz for you that'll tell you which character from the movie matches your personality.

Wizard Of Oz Characters:

Are you as brave as the Tin Man or as innocent as Dorothy? Which of the characters suits your personality? 

Which 'Wizard Of Oz' Character Are You Quiz:

One of the Wizard of Oz's characters must match with you, but who is that? Take up this fun quiz to get your answers. 


You're as innocent and sweet as Dorothy. A young lady with charm and boldness, you're really family-oriented. You like staying out of trouble and always prefer an easygoing life.

Tin Man

You're really devoted towards your friends and are ready to save them no matter what like The Tin Man. you're sensitive towards things, but are full of caliber and love. 

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

You are dominating and believe in yourself and your subjects. People come to you for advice, cause you attain a lot of knowledge. So, you make yourself fee; as you are the wonderful wizard of oz.


You're really jolly, funny, and loving as Toto. These are the things that really relate you to him and are enough I guess!